The International financial centre remains one of the most intriguing and important new phenomena in the international finance sector today, accounting for billions of dollars of investment worldwide.

One of the most innovative financial products that the sector has propagated is the Offshore Trust. This type of trust serves as an important vehicle for estate planning, asset protection, tax planning and broader investment objectives. It is the inherent flexibility of the trust that makes it such an attractive tool for accommodating the often unique demands of the rapidly-changing and sophisticated world of finance, particularly offshore planning.

The offshore Trust is a significant departure from the traditional trust which emerged from the equitable principles of the English legal tradition, yet it borrows heavily from the traditional trust evolving into what may be described as a hybrid trust in essence a dynamic evolution of the trust and orthodox trust law. Offshore trusts will be typically found in those offshore jurisdictions whose legal traditions stem from English Law. There is considerable uniformity in relation to offshore legislative provisions but they are not identical and therefore the choice of location for the offshore trust is a critical component to its effectiveness.

Osiris has 15 years experience in developing offshore trust solutions for private and commercial use with primary focus on:

  • Discretionary and fixed interest trusts under BVI law;
  • Discretionary and fixed interest Vista trusts under BVI law;
  • Single generation Vista Trusts under BVI law
  • Non charitable purpose trusts under BVI law;
  • Private trust companies under BVI law;
  • Discretionary trusts under Mauritius law;
  • Purpose trusts under Mauritius law;
  • Discretionary trusts under Nevis law;