Private Pension Funds

Mauritius in 2012 introduced a system of Private Pension Funds under the Private Pensions Scheme Act (PPSA). The Scheme envisaged is extremely flexible and allows companies with expatriate employees to set up a Private Scheme to benefit expatriate employees on a very beneficial basis.  Similarly private individuals can set up a private scheme to provide for their own retirement unrelated to the country in which they are currently resident.

Categories of Private Pension Schemes

Three broad categories are provided for under the PPSA, namely:

  • Pension Scheme

A scheme regulated in Mauritius and providing benefits to beneficiaries located in Mauritius (ie: a domestic scheme)

  • External Pension Scheme EPS

A scheme regulated and administered in Mauritius, holding a Category 1 Global Business License, catering specifically for beneficiaries outside of Mauritius

  • Foreign Pension Scheme

A scheme regulated in a jurisdiction outside of Mauritius that is allowed to also operate within Mauritius for local beneficiaries.

Key features of a general Private Pension Scheme under the PPSA

  • The scheme must be structured as a Trust or a Foundation, following the same framework
  • PPSA allows for certain waivers from the Trust Act
  • The Governing Body will be the board of trustees in the case of a Trust
  • Specific disclosure rules to be followed with disclosures made to the FSC
  • A chairperson, vice-chairperson and contact person shall be appointed annually
  • The contact person shall be a licensed management company
  • Annual audit report to be submitted
  • Periodic actuarial valuation to indicate funding levels and to be submitted
  • Financial soundness ensured by meeting technical funding and valuation methods

Specific focus – The External Pension Scheme (EPS)

With its global outlook and client base, Osiris Corporate Solutions (OCS) tends to focus on the category of External Pension Schemes.  The Governing Body of these schemes are required to have a minimum of 3 persons (including Corporate persons), with at least 2 of these to be resident in Mauritius.  OCS in itself will qualify as one of these and will be able to provide the additional person.

Where a scheme is an Employer sponsored scheme, a third of the governing body may be selected by the scheme members.

Key Roles of the EPS

All of the following functional roles shall form part of the structure of the EPS:

  • Pension Scheme Administrator – licensed by the FSC
  • an Investment Advisor  / Asset Manager– licensed by the FSC
  • Custodian – licensed by the FSC
  • Long-term Insurer – licensed by the FSC
  • an appointed Actuary of the scheme
  • the Auditor of the scheme

Taxation of an EPS

Being resident in Mauritius, the tax rate applicable to an EPS will be 15%. But with the EPS holding a category 1 Global Business License, the tax liability is reduced to a maximum effective rate of 3%.  In addition to this, no capital gains are payable by the EPS on disposal of securities. This provides for a significant tax efficient vehicle for corporates and employees that are resident outside of Mauritius.  Benefits paid to beneficiaries that are non-resident are also not subject to tax in Mauritius.

The roles of Osiris Corporate Solutions

  • The FSC requires that the contact person of the scheme must be a licensed management company. Osiris Corporate Solutions (OCS) will be the qualifying contact person.
  • OCS will provide the required resident Trustees of the Governing Body
  • OCS will provide the registered office of the scheme
  • OCS will draft all of the formation documents, Scheme Rules and structure
  • Registration with the FSC for the GBC 1 license and Pension Scheme License
  • Assist in drafting scheme information to be provided to employees
  • Opening of all accounts (bank accounts, custodian accounts and investment accounts)
  • Assist in appointment of Investment Advisor / Asset Manager
  • Assist in appointment of Auditor and Actuary