Osiris United Kingdom


Osiris Advisors Limited in the UK specialises in the planning and implementation of corporate structures and corporate finance vehicles, as well as assisting high net worth individuals and families. The Company also facilitates the provision of high level legal, tax and accounting advice and services.

Osiris Advisors Limited is also able to coordinate the formation of UK structures and, where applicable, assist with accounting and company secretarial services, as well as a host of support services relating to tax planning and legal services.

The UK corporate regime is attractive for specific activities and the Company can assist clients with this implementation.

The UK has a relatively low corporate tax rate (it is now approaching the same rate as Hong Kong and not far off Ireland), no dividend withholding taxes and a large double tax treaty network. It is also an attractive investment destination, and the Osiris Group, through Osiris Advisors Limited, is able to assist those who would like to invest into the UK. In particular, we have assisted with numerous residential and commercial property investments and several large property listings on AIM, the JSE and elsewhere.