Relocation Services

Relocation of both businesses and persons is a time of opportunity to reposition  yourself most advantageously.  Most countries are also competing to attract talent and wealth.  Osiris has years of experience in assisting clients with the planning and execution of such a move.   This typically starts with an analysis of what the various possibilities are, both in terms of right to live and work, as well as with regards to lifestyle and family aspirations.

Osiris is then also well placed to manage both the exit out of the existing country as well as the entry into the new one.  This is both with regards to immigration formalities, exchange control if applicable, as well as tax planning both on exit and entry.

Typically, clients tend to focus on the more advantageous countries which would include Mauritius, United Kingdom, Malta, Portugal, Spain and others.  

Our office in Mauritius, in particular, has considerable experience in this regard.


If Mauritius is being contemplated as a possible location whether it be for relocating/retiring/setting up an office in Mauritius, we are able to assist with the following:

  • Completion and submission of an application for Occupation Permits for yourself and Residence Permits for your dependents;
  • We have highlighted the detail in our blogs, but we have experience in arranging property development schemes permits, work permits, investor and retiree permits;
  • Osiris has relationships with property agents and can assist in arranging both temporary and permanent accommodation;
  • Introduction to various schools and assistance with enrollment procedures and advice as to which ones to choose;
  • Import and customs clearance of personal belongings and vehicles;
  • Arranging the importation of pets and quarantine requirements;
  • Bank account opening;
  • Tax registration and advice on status;
  • Mauritius has a world wide system of tax but only on income remitted to Mauritius.  This is effectively a resident not domiciled scheme and with some planning in advance a very advantageous result can be achieved;
  • Arranging for Medical cover and personal insurance;
  • Purchase of property under the various property schemes available in Mauritius;
  • Tax return submission;

If you are going to be setting up an office in Mauritius we can also offer the following:

  • Assistance with recruitment of suitable staff and managing them;
  • Setting up and running payroll;
  • Assistance in registering with all relevant Government departments;
  • VAT  registration.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom we are able to offer a similar service but with a greater focus on financial planning.  However, we are also able to offer the following:

  • Advice on the various visas that are available.

Please refer to our blogs for the detail but we can assist with ascertaining which route to follow from the following:

  • Making an application for a passport based on parents;
  • Assisting with claiming a right to live in the UK based on EU passports;
  • Assisting with ancestral visas, investor visas, highly skilled migrant visas or entrepreneur visas;
  • Introductions to relevant firms of solicitors with expertise in this area;
  • Planning pre arrival in the UK to maximize the effectiveness of the resident non-domiciled status;
  • Planning for obtaining resident non domiciled status and co-ordinating the implementation of such status with the relevant advisors;
  • Assistance with required registrations with tax authorities, NHS etc.
  • Setting up of companies in the UK as well as registration with applicable Government authorities;
  • Payroll services
  • Vat registration and filing