Exchange Listing Services in the Cayman Islands

The Osiris Group has developed considerable expertise in the listing arena.  Osiris has a corporate finance team including tax legal and accounting skills to project manage the entire listing process.  This includes advising on the most suitable exchange to use from a regulatory, tax and fund raising profile, all the way to preparing listing documentation as well as initial financial statements.
Osiris has considerable experience in listing companies on Stock Exchanges around the world including:

  • AIM,
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
  • Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM)
  • Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LUXSE)
  • Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX)
  • and the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX).

We are able to provide advice on which exchange to use as well as the pros and cons of the offerings of these exchanges as well as their listing requirements. We are able to assist in liaising with the requisite listing sponsors, financial advisors as well as doing a lot of the initial drafting of listing particulars and business plans, with a view to getting to first draft before involving local specialists.