Mauritius FSC Issues Code Of Conduct

The FSC has recently issued a Code of Conduct (the Code) under its Fair Market Conduct Programme.  The Code will be effective from 1 January 2016.
The principles under which all licensed entities are expected to operate list 9 guiding principles which are as follows:
Skill care and diligence
Business Integrity
Avoiding Conflict of Interests
Communicating with Customers
Protection of Customer’s Assets
Financial Resources
Internal Affairs
Relationship with the FSC Mauritius
 The Code is applicable to all licencees operating under the FSC.
All licensees are expected to comply with the Code and it is the duty of the licensee to keep record of any arrangements made to adhere to the Code.  These records must be made available for inspection by the FSC upon request.
Should you require further information then please contact:
Daniel Romburgh |
Telephone: +230 650 4030