BVI FSC Announces Premium Service And Extended Hours

In an effort to improve service levels the BVI FSC has announced an expansion of service offerings with effect from November as follows:
Premium Service
A premium service is now available for time sensitive transactions for an extra fee.  These transactions include the following: filings for sensitive, complex and special transactions including: continuations, mergers, amendments, registration of charges and notice of change in shares.
Virgin Lite
The FSC has also announced the introduction of Virgin Lite to users from Hong Kong. The introduction of this system will allow for external access which will allow for transactions like name reservations and company searches from outside of the BVI.  External users will also have to have the ability to commit funds from the licensee’s local deposit account.
Extended Hours
In order to support the Premium service and Virgin Lite the Registry will process transactions until 10pm daily although the lobby access will not be open. The Finance division will also remain open until 5.30pm daily.
Please contact your normal Osiris contact should you have any questions, or in respect of changes in directors or officers to be made or if you are aware of any changes to the directors or officers that have not been previously notified.
Should you require further information then please contact:
Miles Walton |
Telephone: +1 284 494 9820