Mauritius Rated Highest Ranking Country In Africa By The Global Opportunity Index

The Global Opportunity Index is an index designed to examine the attractiveness of a country in attracting FDI.  As such it looks at a composite group of factors including economic fundamentals, ease of doing business, regulatory quality, and rule of law.
In the recently released survey Mauritius ranked 1st in Africa and 31st in the world, ahead of countries like South Africa at 35 and Nigeria at 116.  Mauritius continued to score particularly well with regards to ease of doing business where it ranked 18th in the world as compared to South Africa at 63.  Whilst it is doing well it still has a way to go compared to say Ireland at 8 in the world.
The ranking is an important reminder of why certain jurisdictions continue to attract investment flows and become a hub of excellence.  In the African context, Mauritius continues to set the pace.
More information can be seen here Global Opportunity Index 2015
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