In a significant move that highlights its commitment to fostering a favourable business environment, on 6 February 2023, Mauritius joined the Madrid System for trademarks administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) making it the 114th member. Of the 114 members, 19 are African countries. This development opens up a world of opportunities for local businesses, empowering them to protect their trademarks on a global scale. Osiris Corporate Solutions is proud to share this exciting news, as it reinforces our mission to support businesses in navigating the intricacies of intellectual property (IP) rights. In this blog post, we delve into the benefits of Mauritius joining the Madrid System and how it paves the way for enhanced trademark protection.


The Madrid System for Trademarks: The Madrid System, administered by WIPO, is an international trademark registration system that simplifies the process of protecting trademarks across multiple jurisdictions and particularly in the Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean regions. By joining this system, Mauritius now aligns itself with more than 114 member countries, including major global economies such as the United States of America, most European Countries, Brazil, Japan, China, New Zealand, South Korea and many more1. This means that local businesses can now extend the protection of their trademarks beyond Mauritius and establish their presence in international markets more efficiently and seek trademark protection in over 130 countries.


2.1. Cost and Time Efficiency:

One of the key advantages of the Madrid System is its cost and time efficiency. Rather than filing individual trademark applications in each country, businesses can now utilize a single application process through WIPO. This reduces the administrative burden and lowers the overall costs associated with trademark protection as the Madrid System allows its members to pay a single set of fees.

2.2. Simplified Management:

Managing trademarks becomes more streamlined with the Madrid System. Businesses can modify, renew, or expand their trademark registrations across multiple jurisdictions by submitting a single request to WIPO. This centralized approach simplifies the process and ensures consistency in managing IP rights.

2.3. Global Brand Protection:

With Mauritius joining the Madrid System, local businesses gain access to a vast network of member countries. This enables them to protect their trademarks in regions that are crucial to their business expansion plans. Having global brand protection safeguards their IP rights and enhances their reputation on the international stage.

2.4. Attracting Foreign Investment:

Membership in the Madrid System can also make Mauritius a more attractive destination for foreign investment. International companies seeking to establish their presence in Africa can now view Mauritius as a gateway to not only the local market but also the broader network of countries covered by the Madrid System. This can boost foreign direct investment and stimulate economic growth.

2.5. Empowering Businesses in IP:

At Osiris Corporate Solutions, we understand the importance of IP rights in today’s global business landscape. With Mauritius joining the Madrid System, our team of experts stands ready to assist its clients in navigating the trademark registration process. We offer comprehensive services, including trademark searches, filings, and ongoing management, to ensure that our clients’ trademarks receive the protection they deserve.


Mauritius’ decision to join the Madrid System for trademarks marks a significant milestone for the country’s business community. It empowers local businesses to expand their reach, protect their trademarks globally, and attract foreign investment. As a leading provider of corporate solutions, Osiris Corporate Solutions is dedicated to supporting businesses in capitalizing on this new opportunity. We encourage companies to take advantage of the simplified trademark registration process offered by the Madrid System, and we are here to guide them every step of the way.