Mara Delta Property Expansion: Hotel Industry

Delta Africa who recently changed its name to Mara Delta and positioned its head office in Grand Bay, Mauritius, and with whom we preserve strong business and partner relations keep proving themselves with their recent breakthrough in the hospitality sector.

Mara Delta is an African property income fund with focus mainly on the African continent real estate assets, which is supported by US Dollar long-term leases with high-quality tenants.

The major activities of the company is to manage and buy commercial assets in strategic areas with the intent for those to be attractive to governments and blue chip companies and by the same way reduce leasing risk through long-term leases by controlling its empowerment credentials.

The Fund listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (“SEM”) and the JSE is the first multi-listed property fund to offer investors direct access to immediate high growth opportunities on the African continent excluding South Africa which consequently has attracted investors such as Africa’s largest pension fund and the Public Investment Corporation.

The company started by investing and holding assets in Africa, mainly 2 properties in

Mara Delta Property Holdings Limited

Bronwyn Corbett, CEO: Mara Delta Property Holdings Limited

2014, in Mozambique and Casablanca. This was not without risk given the various challenges involved in investing in property in foreign countries, such as their laws and regulations, and given the fact that Africa may no longer attract investors as it used to do.

From 2014 to today the company has increased the number of property it holds from 2 to 19. The increase was also due to their involvement in a new sector, the hotel industry with the purchase of several hotels in the most famous chain of hotels in Mauritius, the Beachcomber Group.

By this latest investment,  Mara Delta has only proven its track record of upgrading strategic assets and delivering strong sustainable income which can only attract further investors and lead the company to further important developments.

All the above is also reflected in the article published in the Financial Mail on 2 February 2017, about Bronwyn Corbett, CEO of Mara Delta.

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