From Mara Delta to Grit and Association with Osiris

Mara Delta Property Holdings Ltd have announced in July 2017 its change of name to Grit Real Estate Income Group Limited, and the reason behind the name change is part of Grit’s strategy to expand its presence onto the African continent.

Grit is seen as a low-risk investment company and the perception of low risk is due to the quality of its tenants, which include Barclays, Beachcomber, Lux, Vodacom, Anadarko, KPMG, Hollard and BP who hold long term lease contracts with them.

At Osiris we consider ourselves closely related to Grit, in terms of partnership and also various services we provide to them. Our MD, Peter Todd, is the Lead Independent Director on the Board of Grit and also entertains a very good relationship with the CEO of the company, Mrs. Bronwyn Corbett and other members of the Board.

Further, our relocation team ensures the smooth running of the relocating process of Grit’s staff to Mauritius. Accordingly, we act as consultants in advising and providing guidance to the company as to the best options in terms of their residence in Mauritius.

Osiris is also the Company Secretary of Gateway, a subsidiary of Grit, and our corporate team manages the company and also provides administrative, secretarial and directorship services and ensure a smooth running of the operations of the company.

Osiris and Grit are located in the same building in Grand Bay, Mauritius, and we have set up our Mauritian branch around the same time, both companies have experienced growth at a similar pace.