Malta: Citizenship By Investment

Osiris has for many years assisted clients who require to move their home to a new location.  It is always a difficult choice but one located, like Malta, in the center of the EU will always be of interest, particularly as this program, like the Portuguese one, offers full citizenship and a passport.

The Malta Individual Investor Programme is aimed at HNW individuals and their families, and is subject to strict due diligence requirements.
Citizenship is granted to individuals who meet the following criteria:
They have held resident status for 12 months pre the date of issuing the certificate of naturalization;
A significant contribution of some €650 000 per applicant has to be made to the National Development and Social Fund as well as a further €25 000 for the spouse and each minor applicant;
An amount of €50 000 for dependent children between 18 and 26 or dependent parents above 55;
The applicant must maintain accommodation in Malta for a period of 5 years either by purchasing property worth €350 000 or leasing property with a minimum rental of €16 000pa;
In addition an investment of at least €150 000 must be maintained in Government approved financial instruments for at least 5 years;
The scheme is clearly not cheap, however, the citizenship is for life and entitles the applicant and family to access living in all of the EU countries.
When this is combined with the tax advantages available under the Global Residence program where a flat tax of 15% is applied to income remitted to Malta, the total benefits of the scheme are readily apparent.