We are proud to be associated with Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) who are the developers that will be constructing Eneo at Tatu Central, the anchor of the business district in Tatu City, Kenya. 

Eneo will consist of 2 office towers with a retail sector which will span an impressive 27,524sqm.

GREA have recently broken ground on the construction project in the highly anticipated Tatu City. To view the full article, please click here

Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

The Special Economic Zones Authority (SEZA) was established in 2015 under the Special Economic Zones Act No 16 of 2015. SEZA is responsible for attracting, facilitating, and retaining domestic and foreign direct investment in these dedicated zones. 

There are a number of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) that have been earmarked for development in Kenya with Tatu City being Kenya’s first SEZ to become operational.

The SEZ will comprise a business district, schools, residential areas, retail areas, a medical clinic, parks and other amenities which will provide a live-work-play environment for businesses, employees, residents and investors alike.

Corporate Benefits

The Kenyan government has offered attractive tax benefits for those enterprises who register as SEZ enterprises with the SEZ Authority. These companies will enjoy a 10% corporate tax rate for the first 10 years and a 15% corporate tax rate for the following 10 years. The standard corporate tax rate is currently set at 30%.

Additional benefits offered to the SEZ enterprises include zero-rated VAT (the current VAT rate is set at 16%) import duty exemptions and low withholding taxes.

How We Can Assist

The Osiris Group has vast experience in multiple jurisdictions and can assist you with registering your company in Tatu City to make use of the attractive corporate benefits offered. 

Should you be interested, please contact us on info@localhost