When relocating to Mauritius, a person may benefit from an exemption of tax and duties when importing their household and personal effects.

MTrans Movers have put together a detailed article on the conditions of importing your personal effects when relocating permanently to Mauritius. Click here to view the full article.

Below are some key factors that are raised in the article.

Who can qualify for the exemption

  • A non-citizen taking up a permanent residence in Mauritius and who is in possession of a valid Residence Permit (permit to be valid for more than 1 year at time of clearance)
  • A non-citizen who is coming to Mauritius to work and is in possession of a valid Occupation Permit (permit valid for more than 1 year at time of clearance)
  • A Mauritian citizen who is returning to Mauritius to take up permanent residence after residing abroad for more than 1 year.

Household goods and Personal Effects

Household goods and personal effects include but are not limited to furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances, cutlery, crockery, TV Sets (maximum 2 sets are exempt), musical instruments, heaters, exercise equipment, garden furniture, camping equipment, bicycles (1 per family member) and other sports equipment. 

If toys are included, the passports of the children need to be produced.

If household items and personal effects for the family members are included, the family member should be in possession of a valid residence permit at the time of customs clearance.

Guns/firearms are subject to a police permit prior to shipping.

Pharmaceutical products and medicines are subject to release by the Ministry of Health and require a medical certificate from a doctor. 

Consumables, foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages are not exempt and are subject to taxes.

Some interesting points to be aware of

  • Good must be imported within 6 months of the arrival of the passenger in Mauritius.
  • Goods should have been purchased abroad and are not intended for sale.
  • The passenger must not have benefited from this exemption in the past.
  • The passenger is required to call in person at Customs for the approval of exemption and to verify the goods.
  • Goods imported may not be sold, pledged, or disposed of within the 4 years following importation, otherwise the passenger could be liable to pay the full customs duty and VAT as well as a 10% penalty.
  • The passenger/beneficiary is required to submit evidence to the Director General each year, for a period of two years from the date of importation of their goods, that they are still residing in Mauritius.

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