Hurricane Irma Update: Full Restoration of BVI Registry

As you are all aware the BVI has been severely impacted by Hurricane Irma as the hurricane travelled directly over the island. We would like to bring you up to date with the current state of affairs from an Osiris perspective.

We have located most of our staff bar 3 whom we have not heard from yet.  We are hoping that this is more of a logistical issue rather than a more serious problem, and we are doing all we can to locate them.

None of our staff have suffered serious injuries although many of them have either completely lost their homes or suffered serious damage and are staying with friends.  Food and water is in short supply.  However, the UK military has now arrived and support is starting to come through.

Our offices and servers survived completely intact, and in fact our office is now fully functional with Richard Paverd, our IT support, on site and assisting.  We have provided local support with free wifi to the community, and have agreed to two local banks moving into our offices to assist them in getting local services going again asap.

We will be manning the office with a skeleton staff from later in the week and will provide whatever additional support is needed to our clients from our Mauritius office for now.  Please be a bit patient, our staff have suffered a traumatic experience, and need assistance in sorting out their personal affairs as well.

We received word this morning that the registry is now back up and running. Please see Press Release_Restoration of full VIRRGIN functionality.  It is still possible that we may relocate some staff to the Cayman office for a period, but will only take that decision in a few days time.

All trust related issues are unaffected and will be handled from Mauritius by Laura Flockhart and her team.

The Cayman office is unaffected and continues as normal.

George Titan from our Mauritius offices is in charge of co-ordinating any issue you might have.

We thank you for your continued support and messages of good will, and will endeavour to have the business back to normal as soon as possible.

Peter Todd