New Frontier Properties Ltd. wins 2018 PwC Corporate Reporting Award

New Frontier Properties Ltd (“New Frontier”), for which the Osiris Group has acted as company secretary and administrator from inception, has won the PwC Corporate Reporting Award 2018 for Listed Global Business Companies.

 Tinesh Ramprusad, of Osiris, and Financial Director, Nigel Gurkin, both directors of New Frontier, were backed by a solid team of accountants and lawyers from Osiris, along with fellow Board members and advisors, who contributed to putting together the Company’s Integrated Annual Report for 2017.

Integrated reporting is all about how businesses think, plan and report on the underlying drivers of their businesses to their stakeholders. In addition to the traditional hard copy annual reports that we send our stakeholders, information flow and transparency within the business and the external environment has been significantly enhanced by the use of latest technology. At New Frontier, we upload a comprehensive list of concise, relevant and up to date information which is available at all times on the Group’s website as well as well as published on the websites of the relevant stock exchanges.

The Integrated Reports embed concise information about the group business strategy in terms of its long-term vision, mission, governance and values coupled with the statements from our business leaders and the statutory financial reports.  The information is closely interrelated to depict the business model, the market behaviour, the targets for the future and most importantly how it intends to create value in the short and long term. Such information is intended to gain stakeholders confidence while enabling them to make effective investment decisions and maximise returns.

We look forward to raising the bar in terms of quality of information overtly presented in our Integrated Annual Reports for all our clients, in order to maintain the dialogue with investors and stakeholders, as well as creating an overall environment of performance and confidence for our clients.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those directly or indirectly involved in these reports, namely the SEM, the JSE, our Sponsors and our Auditors.

PwC Corporate Awards Team Tinesh Ramprusad accepting his award